VaRi Bioscience welcomes your interest in our company, our products, and our progress. VaRi Bioscience founders published work is falling in different categories. On this page you will find a small selection of publications they were involved.

Vaginal Ring Technology

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Clinical Trials

Donath, F., Hoffmann, L., Todorova-Sanjari, M., Wedemeyer, R., Warnke, A. & Klaus Nickisch, K. (2021) Intravaginal Tolterodine Formulation Intended for Overactive Bladder Treatment—Results of a Pharmacokinetic Phase I Pilot Study in Healthy, Postmenopausal Women, Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development, 0(0) 1–11, The American College of Clinical Pharmacology, DOI: 10.1002/cpdd.968

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Process Chemistry

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Business Strategy

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